Xaoc Devices Timiszoara

Voltage Controlled DSP Effektor module for eurorack.

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Timiszoara is a stereo, Eurorack compatible, voltage-controlled multieffect
signal processor based on the popular Spin Semiconductor FV-1
DSP chip. It features a full stereo signal path with two adjustable audio
inputs, two outputs, and a stereo voltage-controlled wet/dry mixer. In
addition, there is a microSD memory card slot on the front panel that
allows for loading factory and custom effects without any restrictions or
copyright protection, which means you can use many effects available
on the Internet and even create your own.

Effect Programs are organized in Banks of 8 and can be selected using
a rotary encoder, as well as CV and trigger signals. Timiszoara features
a crisp OLED screen that displays the Program parameters and its
name. It also facilitates navigating the list of Banks. Up to three
parameters per effect can be controlled from the front panel with
illuminated slider potentiometers and dedicated CV inputs.

Timiszoara is delivered with a microSD card loaded with 176 versatile
factory programs.


  • 176 factory programs
  • micro SD card slot (card included)
  • OLED screen for better visual reference
  • up to three parameters per algorithm can be voltage controlled
  • low–noise, voltage controlled analog dry/wet crossfader
  • voltage controlled algorithm selection
  • expander is in the works.
  • wide : 10HP
  • Current Draw : +12V: 120mA / -12V: 45mA
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