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Vermona Modular twinOUT

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Vermona Modular twinOUT
€ 219,00

Dual electronically balanced XLR-output module

Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)


Beside spectacular sound-engines and -shapers, conventional and uncommon sources and modulators of control voltages, a modular synthesizer also needs a choice of modules to handle the daily routine. twinOUT is such a module - the perfect connection to your studio.

This DI-box in a module offers two adjustable, electronically balanced XLR-outputs for stereo or independent dual-mono use. An additional headphone output, also suited for line level output completes twinOUT’s feature-set.
To bring out the best of your modular synthesizer, there’s no getting around the twinOUT!

Just like every VERMONA module, each twinOUT is produced in our german “elektroakustische Manufaktur”.

Features :

  •  8hp
  • 36mm Deep
  • Current Draw : 25 mA +12V / 25 mA -12V

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