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Vermona Modular randomRHYTHM

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Vermona Modular randomRHYTHM
€ 299,00

Random-based dual-channel trigger sequencer.

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The core of randomRHYTHM is a superb random generator that creates values for each event. Event is the term for the individual note values - randomRHYTHM offers quarter-, eighths-, sixteenth- and triplet-events.

Beside the random value, each event has its own threshold-slider to set a probability whether the event generates a trigger-impulse at the output or not.

randomRHYTHM has two modes: REALTIME and DICE. In REALTIME-mode, new random-values for all events are being generated all the time. In DICE-mode on the other hand, you can dice the random-values for a complete bar which will then be continuously repeated. In short: DICE is for generating cycling and more predictable random results whereas in REALTIME-mode randomness comes out on top.

Features :

  • Current Draw : 110 mA +12V - 0 mA -12V
  • 25 mm deep
  • 24hp

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