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Vermona Modular Case

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Vermona Modular Case
€ 759,00

Vermona Modular Case

Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)


Vermona Modular Case

Not only on it's outside the beautiful wooden Vermona Modular Case is a jewel with it's is perfect measurements of 104HP, also it's inner values like the 2000mA strong universal power supply know how to please.
It combines two module formats - as it offers space for Eurorack modules and additionally two rows for TILE-modules in 1U form factor.
For better usage the upper half is slanted.

The Modular Case gives you plenty space for modules: 2x104HP space for Eurorack modules and at the same time 2x104TE for TILE modules.
Latter are a relatively new form factor of small utility modules which is supported yb some US manufacturers like Synthrotek and PulpLogic. But also Vermona offer special TILEs like attenauator, mixer or multiples.

The power supply can handle mains voltages of 90V-240V and thus is universal. It is ample and provides you with:

  • 2000mA at +12V
  • 2000mA at -12V
  • 500mA at +5V


Details :

  • 104 HP module space per row:
  • 2 rows for 3U Eurorack modules
  • 2 rows for 1U Tile modules

maximal depths:
top row: 75mm (measured from rail)
bottom row: 50mm (measured from rail)



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