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Vermona Modular Melodicer

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Vermona Modular Melodicer
€ 429,01

Stochastic Pattern Generator eurorack module.

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The melody sequencer offers twelve faders for setting the note probability and two dice-(or random) buttons for generating melody and rhythmic structure.

The concept is very simple in that you have a slider for each note of the scale and you push the slider up to increase the probability of that note sounding. You can start by setting a note length and then dial in some variation to that, increase the amount of legato and the likelihood of rests between notes. This makes up the rhythm part of the sequencer. And then the melody is governed by these twelve sliders. There are two DICE buttons, one for rhythm and one for melody, which capture a randomly generated pattern and loop it. Turn them off for free flow randomisation and enable them to capture another repeating pattern.

Patterns can be up to 16 steps and you can save up to 16 patterns in the internal memory. There are also some controls over the range of pitches in the pattern.

Features :

  • 34HP

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