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Verbos Electronics Random Sampling

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Verbos Electronics Random Sampling
€ 609,01

Selection of random voltage sources

Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)


Rooted in the California modular tradition, the Random Sampling is a selection of random voltage sources to add an element of uncertainty to both audio and control paths.
Some of them classics and some new twists.
Included are 2 fluctuating randoms capable of slowly varying voltage or sweepable audio noise, each with an uncorrelated random gate output.
A two output, up to 6 bit digital stored random voltage source.
White, pink and metallic (TR- 808 cymbal type) audio noise.
A 4 stage analog shift register where each sample & hold can be broken out of the chain to be used separately.

Features :

  • 18HP
  • current draw: 120mA +12, 80mA -12

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