Tubbutec USB Bridge A

A module routes and merges midi data between two USB devices and one TRS midi device for your eurorack modular syntehsizer.

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The USB Bridge A outes and merges midi data between two USB devices and one TRS midi device.

USB Bridge A features two midi USB hosts and conventional TRS midi (type A) input and output.
Midi data is routed between the connected devices and merged if necessary. Routing is very fast with very low latency.

Data received from a USB device will be send to the other USB device and to the TRS output.
Data received on the TRS input will be sent to the two USB devices.
Depending on the kind of data it will be merged, see below.

Features :

  • Connect one or two midi USB midi controllers/keyboards to a conventional midi device
  • Connect a keyboard to a module with only USB device capability
  • Connect a cheap USB midi interface and get more conventional midi IOs
  • Use your phone to control your Eurorack or as a synthesizerr
  • Connect a synthesizer via USB
  • Printed aluminum front panel, 2mm thickness
  • 2x USB type A host socket
  • 1x input, 1x output TRS midi type A
  • Voltage supply 12V or 5V
  • Includes 12 to 5V converter
  • Supply current: +12V: 10mA , -12V: 0mA, (5V: 20mA) + current drawn by USB devices
  • USB devices may draw up to 500mA current each
  • Dimensions: 3U, 2HP, 128.5mm x 10mm, Depth: 25mm
  • Weight: 30g
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