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Tiptop Audio MA808 White

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Tiptop Audio MA808 White
€ 99,00

Tiptop Audio MA808 White TR808 Maracas Generator module.

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The MA808 is the TR-808's original analog Maracas drum voice and a white noise generator in Eurorack format. It's  a low-cost module that brings back the classic sound, coninuing to expand your Tiptop Audio modular drum machine

Maraca features attack and level parameters. Additionally there's a adjustable Accent CV input which is normalized to the gate input i.e. if you like the maraca sound always plays with full level.

The maraca circuitry is based on the 808's white noise (which is available at an individual output). An attack parameter with a wide range has been added and it can blend from the well-known maraca sound to a closed hihat which has a sound somwhere between 808 and 909. The 808's oroginal attack setting is marked with a dot.

Features :

  • 4HP
  • Current Usage : +12v @ 16mA -12v @ 14mA

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