SynMag A guide to Modular Worlds

A book about modular synthesis an more.

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This book is about synthesis, the underlying technical specifications with added interviews of artists and manufacturers.

Sound Synthesis, Oscillation and Waveforms, Wavetables, Samples, Filters, Distortion, Resonators, Amplification, Effects, Modulations, Envelopes, LFOs, AM, RM, FM, PD, Arpeggiators, Sequencers, Modularity, Jacks, Racks, Voltages, Gates, Clocks, Triggers, CVs, Interfaces, MIDI, Analog, Digital, Hybrid- & Software-Designs, Polyphony, Literature, Rhythm Sources and much more.

In other words, all you want to know for a good start into the worlds of patching your own sound ideas with Modular

Full color print, 300 pages, English language

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