SoundForce Samples

6 channel drum sample player Eurorack Module

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Modular System, VCOs

6 channel drum sample player Eurorack Module.

The sounds:
The 6 sounds available on separate channels are the one-shot sounds from the infamous 808 drum machine. It’s using a big STM32F405 chip to drive the 6 DACs and store the sounds. The samples are baked-in and can’t be changed.

Features :

  • 6 input jacks to trigger the sounds with +5V signals.
  • 6 output jacks for the audio outputs ~10Vpp.
  • 4HPDepth: 38mm (including power connector)Power: +12V 85mA, -12V 11mA
  • Inputs range 0-5V
  • Output range -5V to 5V

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