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Shakmat Modular Tessitura Tailor 1U

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Shakmat Modular Tessitura Tailor 1U
€ 79,00

1U Octave Switch Module.

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The Tessitura Tailor adds or substracts a precise voltage (from -2 to +2 volts) to the signal received at the CV input. This signal is transposed by octaves, depending on the rotary switch’s position. As the CV input is normalised to 0 volt, the module works without any input as an octave switch.

Features :

  • Switchable CV transposer/generator
  • Stepped potentiometer allowing transposition from -2 to +2 octaves
  • Precison trimmer at the back of the module for fine-tunning.
  • Skiff friendly (25mm deep)
  • Intellijel and Pulp Logic format supported
  • 1U — 10hp

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