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Shakmat Modular Gemini's Path

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Shakmat Modular Gemini's Path
€ 219,00

Stereo & Dynamics Processor Module.

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This 6hp skiff friendly amplitude processor is a very handy module to control the dynamics of two signals or mess with the stereo image. Based on a pair of high-end VCAs, an audio to trigger converter and a smart modulation source, the Gemini’s Path allows numerous operations such as decay/gate on amplitude, auto accentuation, sidechain compression, auto pan and more !

Features :

  • Dual VCA
  • Stereo / dual mono dynamic and pannig processor
  • Low noise and distorsion That Corp dual VCA core
  • Trigger detector section extracting gates & triggers from any audio / CV signal
  • 4 dynamic modes : pump, animated pump, expander and holder
  • 4 panning modes : LFO pan, random pan, auto-pan and granuliser
  • Simple VCA mode giving direct access to level and panning
  • Flexible control assignement : shared, dual or independent control with ability to load different modes for each channel
  • Audio and external inputs DC coupled
  • Unipolar CV inputs
  • User replaceable firmware chip
  • Digital jumper allowing to set dynamic modes sensible to triggers or gates
  • Current state storing
  • Skiff Friendly
  • Djtechtools rubber injected potentiometers
  • 6 hp wide

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