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Plankton Electronics SPICE VCF

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Plankton Electronics SPICE VCF
€ 169,00

Voltage Controlled Filter based on the SEM filter.

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SPICE VCF is a 3 state (LP, BP, HP) Voltage Controlled Filter based on the SEM filter.

Features :

  • 6HP / 195mA @ +15V / 12mA @ -12V.
  • 1 input and 3 individual outputs for High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass.
  • CV inputs for Cutoff and Resonance.
  • Resonance system based on the SEM VCF one. It’s capable of A controlled super round and nice resonance. With a bit of modulation this unit will make to talk your sawtooth wave.
  • The XMOD potentiometer sends the BP output the CV Cutoff input adding some distortion and a variety of resonance effects to the processed sound.

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