Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

4-channel complete dj controller.

€ 599,00
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The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 is a dual software platform, four channel DJ controller designed to simplify genre hopping transitions for DJs who are ready to upgrade from the DDJ-200, DDJ-400 or DDJ-SB3.

With full size jog wheels, which are the same size as the flagship CDJ-3000, as well as a four-channel mixer - the first thing you’ll notice about the DDJ-FLX6 is that it feels like a step up from the entry level Pioneer DJ kit. While there’s no jog wheel adjustment, like that offered by the DDJ-800 and DDJ-1000, the tension setting feels just right – especially if you’re upgrading from the smaller DDJ controllers.

Originally codenamed DDJ-600 internally at Pioneer DJ, the Flex - as it’s now known – has been developed to enable complex transitions between genres for DJs whose musical taste, or that of the dancefloor, is fluid. The DDJ-FLX6 has two really powerful features to help DJs jump from one BPM range to another Merge FX and the Jog Cutter.

The best way to describe the Merge FX control is as an effect combinator! There are four slots available to you whether you’re using Rekordbox or Serato DJ, although the latter has slightly less FX available to use. These customisable banks allow you to load build and release FX and samples which can then be used to create a dramatic lift before dropping the next track. One great aspect of the Merge FX is that they allow for very complex FX chains, which would usually require more than two hands.

Operation couldn’t be simpler – just tap the button in the centre of the Merge FX control and then twist the outer ring to set the intensity. To finish the merge simply tap the button again. When the FX are released, the track playing on the channel you’re transitioning from will stop playing. If you’re using Rekordbox DJ there are over 9,000 possible effect and sample patterns – giving you multiple drop options.

In addition to the Merge FX, Pioneer DJ have equipped the DDJ-FLX6 with a unique jog cutter. The jog wheel is divided into 6 segments and you can grab the track playing, or a sample if preferred, and then move the platter backwards and forwards in time for instant scratch patterns. The jog cutter will always revert to the start of the track/sample you’re using so this is a great way to drop a track from another genre with ease.

Pioneer DJ supply the DDJ-FLX6 with both Rekordbox (the Flex is a hardware unlock device) and Serato DJ Pro. The unit is bus powered and, when connected over USB, it will unlock whichever included software platform you choose. The built-in audio interface has connections for a microphone and headphones as you’d expect. In addition to the master output there is also a connection for a booth monitor – this is another nod towards the professional kit the unit is modelled on.As the Flex is dual platform, the unit offers Dual Deck Controls – making four deck mixing and transitioning simple and effective.

Features :

  • Merge FX - dynamically switch from one track to the next with a single action regardless of BPM or genre.
  • Jog Cutter - make pro-sounding scratch effects with just one hand.
  • Full-size jog wheel with track position display - perform intuitively.
  • Sample Scratch - get creative with your favourite sounds.
  • Plug and play compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro - play freely.
  • 4-channel mixer (not stand-alone).
  • USB bus powered.
  • Built-in sound card (audio interface).
  • Performance pads.
  • Class compliant (no drivers needed).
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