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Neo d+ RCA class B 1m

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Neo d+ RCA class B 1m
€ 29,95

Neo d+ RCA class B 1m

The pure transmission for all gears.

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Neo d+ RCA class B 1m

The pure transmission for all gears.

d+ series bring the highest quality and a cool desgined in your sound system such as DJ gears, audio interface, speaker, mixer, effector, synthesizer and all sound gears.

About the product planning for the d+ series, we contemplated the best combination of materials and structure of cable for today’ s music and situations.The outstanding features of d+ class B series is 18 AWG pure oxygen free copper makes powerful sound projection and reduce signal loss. The flat architecture of cable prevents the signal distortion by the interference of conductor spacing. In addtion, the soft PVC outer and the stereo sprit cable’ s stracture have a high degree of usability for cable connection.

There is the next generation of audio transmit technology for DJ, producer, musician, engineer and everyone.

Features :

  • Structure:Flat (Inverted concentric structure)
  • Conductor:Highly pure OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)(0.18mm×33)
  • Sheath: PVC
  • Insulator:Polyolefin
  • Terminals : 24K gold plated phosphor bronze
  • Body : PBT + Glass Fiber
  • Outer cover: PVC

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