NANO Modules ONA

Analog Multifunction Oscillator Eurorack Module

€ 199,00
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A flexible and warm Analog Oscillator, rich in harmonics. Excellent for performance use!

ONA can work as an Audio Oscillator or as a Low Frequency Modulator and it provides control over all its parameters, making it a versatile, deep and easy-to-use oscillator.

Thanks to its triangle-core oscillator and wave-shapers you can choose between a big palette of output waveforms to give shape to your ideas..

  • CLASSIC Waveforms. Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square.
  • 2 COMPLEX Waveforms with Pulse Width Modulation.
  • 2 SUB Waveforms to add some bass sounds easily..

Features :

  • Current Draw : 50 mA +12V / 30 mA -12
  • 15mm Deep
  • 8hp
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