Mosaic Low Pass Filter Black

Four-pole Low Pass Filter module for your eurorack.

€ 119,00
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Modular System, Filters, 1U

Analog goodness awaits with the four-pole Low Pass Filter. Thanks to CV control over resonance and frequency, the Low Pass Filter can go from squelching leads to dynamic sweeps in an instant. In addition, 1V/Oct tracking allows it to double as a musical sine wave oscillator. Bring analog warmth to your system today in a compact, yet stand out package.

Features :

  • All Analog Low Pass Filter

  • Four-pole, 24db per octave slope

  • OTA Architecture

  • 1V/Oct tracking

  • CV over resonance and frequency amount

  • Width: 14HP

  • Depth: 38mm

  • Front Panel: Intellijel format,

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