Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX Expansion Pack

Electro Acoustic Workstation Module for your eurorack

€ 68,99
1-2 weken (afhankelijk van fabrikant)

The new KOMA Elektronik Field Kit is the perfect tool for everyone who would like to experiment with electroacoustic sound. Use everyday objects, amplify them and use them to make sound, like our heroes John Cage and David Tudor used to do!

The Field Kit is optimized to process signals from microphones, contact microphones, electromagnetic pickups and able to run DC motors and solenoids. On top of that it can receive radio signals and convert signals from switches and sensors into control voltage!

Features :

  • Current Draw : 850 mA +12V / 0 mA -12V / 0 mA 5V
  • 36hp
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