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Intellijel Triplatt 3U

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Intellijel Triplatt 3U
€ 120,00

Attenuator/Inverter/Attenuverter/Multiplier/Adder/Mixer and DC voltage source.

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Triplatt is a three-channel active/buffered attenuverter and summing mixer.
Each channel has a knob, which can function as a unipolar attenuator or a bipolar attenuverter, depending on the setting of its corresponding two-position polarity switch.

Each input is normalled to a built-in precision +5V DC voltage source.
With nothing plugged into the jacks, each knob controls a voltage range of 0 to +5 V or -5 to +5 V depending on
the position of the channel polarity switch. Outputs A and B are also capable of a range of 0-10 / -10 to +10 when using the special function switches.

Each output is normalled to mix into the output of the channel below, making it possible to do sub mixes in groups of two or three.

In addition, each channel has a “special function” switch to alter its input voltage in a specific way.
Channel A has a 2x voltage multiplier switch, allowing you to double the voltage sent into Channel A.
Channel B has a +5V switch, allowing you to add 5V to whatever voltage is sent into Channel B.
Channel C has a mute switch, allowing you to completely turn off the signal being sent into Channel C.


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