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Happy Nerding HN VCF

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Happy Nerding HN VCF
€ 167,00

State variable filter.

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HN VCF is a state variable filter having 12 db Low Pass, 12 dB High Pass, 6 dB Band Pass plus 18 db Low Pass marked as “LP!”, because it has extra drive. All three parameters: “Freq”, “Resonance” and “Drive” have dual knobs with outer knobs controlling bipolar CV amount. These affected CVs are then shown by the relative green/blue leds.

The possibility to have CV over “Resonance” and “Drives” makes it a very capable 6 HP filter.

“LP!” output has 6 dB steeper slope (18 dB) compared to ordinary 12 dB “LP” output. Plus it has much more drive.



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