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Genelec 8040BPM

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Genelec 8040BPM
€ 849,00

Genelec 8040BPM

Active 6.5" studio monitor



Genelec 8040BPM

Active 6.5" studio monitor

The 8040BPM is designed to offer the same large sound of bigger systems, but in a compact design. The 8040BMP offers a very wide frequency response providing a massive presence.

A 6.5” bass driver and ¾” tweeter ensure a frequency range of 48Hz to 20kHz and are bi-amplified by 90 Watts each. Users will also benefit from the ISS feature (Intelligent Signal Sensing) which reduces power consumption when the monitor has not been in use for a certain amount of time. This is an automatic feature, so when an audio signal is fed into the monitor again, full power is restored.

Features :

  • SPL of 105dB
  • Frequency response of 48Hz – 20kHz
  • 3kHz crossover
  • 6.5” bass driver & ¾” tweeter with metal dome + DCW™
  • 90 Watt bass & 90 Watt treble
  • XLR input
  • Dimensions of 365mm height x 237mm width x 223mm depth
  • Weighs 8.6kg

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