Frequency Central Trans Europa

Multi-functional CV processor.

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Trans Europa is a multi-functional CV processor, transposer, arpeggiator, slew module…developed in collaboration with Electric Druid.
It has octave and semitone knobs, both of which are under voltage control, so you can use Trans Europa as a quick easy way to select octaves and intervals on your VCOs, or you can use it under voltage control to select octave and intervals. Arpeggiations are easily achievable. Furthermore, the Mode control allows you to select 8 different scales for the interval CV input. There’s also Glide onboard, again under voltage control.

Features :

  • Octave switching over 9 octaves
  • Voltage controlled octave switching, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
  • Semitone transposition over 1 octave
  • Voltage controlled semitone transposition, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
  • 8 Modes
  • Glide feature, which can be applied either manually or by external gate.
  • CV thru, you can patch a 1V/oct voltage source in Trans Europa’s Input, it will be replicated at the Output, with the benefit that all Trans Europa’s features can be applied.
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