Focusrite Twintrak pro

2 Channel Microphone Preamplifier with Compression, EQ and D/A Converter.

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The TwinTrak Pro was designed principally as an affordable, high-specification dual mono/stereo tracking device. Each channel features an award-winning Platinum pre amplifier, featuring an "Air" switch and variable input impedance for improved microphone performance and extended creativity. A mid-scoop EQ follows and provides variable frequency and depth of cut (up to 12dB) for vocal problem solving.

The TwinTrak Pro also offers a powerful dual mono/stereo optical compressor. This compressor features custom, fast-acting optos, along with side-chain inputs and the ability to operate as a true stereo pair. To ensure the cleanest signal path to the recording medium both the EQ and the compressor can be individually switched out of the audio path when not in use.

The "Air" function provides a boost in the high-end frequencies (microphone input only) but the exact boost frequency is dependent upon the microphone being used. This effect can simply be described as "adding air" to the signal and enables the TwinTrak Pro to recreate the open and airy qualities of more expensive transformer-based pre-amps. A D/A converter comes standard and enables the user to feed mono or stereo digital signals into the unit. These signals can be fed either into the stereo latency-free monitoring section, or via line inputs (post the pre amp stage) for further processing.

Features :

  • 2 award-winning Class A discrete transistor-based pre-amplifiers
  • Dual mono/stereo optical compressor, featuring custom fast acting optos
  • Latency free monitoring with total control over balance, effects, mix and monitor levels
  • 24-bit/192kHz D/A fitted as standard, for processing digital signals or feeding digital signals into the monitoring path
  • Inductor-induced "Air" opens up high frequencies like an expensive transformer-balanced pre-amplifier
  • Variable impedance for improved microphone performance and extended creativity
  • Mid scoop EQ for correcting problematic mid frequencies
  • Direct inputs on the front fascia for both instruments and microphones
  • Post pre-amplifier inserts and compressor side chain inserts for enhanced processing flexibility
  • +48V phantom power for use with condenser microphones
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