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Focusrite ISA 430 MKII

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Focusrite ISA 430 MKII
€ 1.999,00

Focusrite ISA 430 MKII

The Focusrite ISA430 MK2 is a highly versatile rack pre-amp for use with virtually any microphone or instrument input.



Focusrite ISA 430 MKII

The Focusrite ISA430 MK2 is a highly versatile rack pre-amp for use with virtually any microphone or instrument input.

The Focusrite ISA430 MK2 Producer Pack is a true do-all processor, with the ability to function as 4 separate elements – analogue mic pre-amp, EQ, Dynamics and stereo analogue to digital converter - all at the same time.

Expanding greatly on the original ISA 430, the ISA430 MKII boasts unmatched flexibility, both in terms of routing and sonic characteristics. It represents the pinnacle of Focusrite’s analogue channel strip technology, bringing together all the classic designs in one comprehensive production tool.

Due to its variable impedance, the pre-amp can accommodate almost any microphone. The impedance can be set for transparency, or to highlight certain characteristics of microphones.

The Focusrite’s EQ section is taken from the ISA 110 and offers two separate bands of parametric EQ for high and low frequencies. The traditionally-feeling compressor can be used to apply a large amount of compression without creating audible artefacts, and also includes auto release and blend controls for added flexibility.

The optional analogue to digital converter card adds two channels of 24-bit conversion and can be used as part of the pre-amp channel strip or entirely on its own.

Augmented with additional features and flavours, alongside unmatched internal routing and connectivity, the ISA 430 MK2 enables today’s recording professional to enjoy the unique sonic contribution of these heritage designs within one extremely versatile processor.

Features :

  • Classic Focusrite transformer-based Mic-pre with variable impedance and Air feature
  • Multi format Compressor; switch between Focusrite’s transparent VCA circuit and a vintage optical circuit
  • Unmatched flexibility with an incredible variety of insert points and variable signal path arrangements
  • Ability to function as 4 separate modular processors: mic pre, EQ, Dynamics and stereo ADC
  • Precision VU metering of input level, Insert 1 or 2 Return level, Compressor gain reduction or Sidechain listen level (switched)
  • Classic Focusrite EQ design; an expanded version of the original ISA 110
  • Post mic pre output for the shortest possible signal path
  • Proprietary Focusrite discrete Class A VCA Gate and Expander designs
  • Listen feature for precise control over compression, gating, expansion and de-essing
  • De- esser design based on optical technology for lower distortion and transparency
  • Soft Limiter to avoid critical digital overload
  • Optional Stereo A/D 24-bit 192 kHz Delta Sigma converter

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