Faderfox UC4

Universal DJ controller for any midi controllable hardware and software

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Faderfox UC4 is the successor of the discontinued Faderfox UC3. Faderfox UC4 is a universal DJ controller for any midi controllable hardware and software.

The Faderfox UC4 has 8 push-encoders without detents, 9 faders and 8 buttons, all switchable to 8 controller groups that allow to control a total amount of 264 control parameters. A 4-digit-display and 8 leds show the current values of all controls.

Various kinds of midi commands like program change, pitchbend, aftertouch and control change in relative and absolute mode with different acceleration amounts are possible. All these properties are fully programmable on the Faderfox UC4 very fast and easy for each control separately.

The Faderfox UC4 encoders can work as high resolution 14bit controllers too (control change or pitchbend) which makes them suitable for sensitive parameters like resonating filter cutoffs or similar things.

Use the internal 18 setups to save your individual settings. Backup and restore of all settings by sysex dumps is possible too.

The factory settings are perfect to control music and video software products out of the box if they are freely assignable. So any additional device programming isn’t necessary for many applications.

The Faderfox UC4 is also a great extension for your Ableton Live setup. There you can control all the continues parameters like track volumes, rack macros, send amounts, track pannings and switchable patameters like clip launch/stop, mute, solo, rec arm, monitor and track select. A special control surface script for Ableton Live 8/9 with all necessary mappings is enclosed in the package.

With that script you can also use two UC4 devices to control up to 16 tracks simultaneously.

The Faderfox UC4 provides universal control for just about anything that has a MIDI input or runs on a digital audio workstation. Sporting eight push encoders, nine faders, and 8 buttons (all entirely assignable!), the UC4 provides the ability to save group settings and simultaneously switch to other groups, allowing you control of up to 256 parameters from this single control surface!

The Faderfox UC4 comes loaded with control scripts to act as a powerful tactile extension for Ableton Live, but every parameter is fully programable and assignable from the device itself. If you need a reliable controller that can do a bit of everything and plays well with others, the Faderfox UC4 checks all the boxes!

Features :

  • Universal controller for any midi controllable hard- and software
  • iPad compatible with camera connection kit
  • Control surface script for Live 8/9 is shipped with the controller
  • USB interface with bus powering-class compliant/no driver necessary
  • MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge functionality
  • 8 push encoders without detents (resolution about 36 pulses)
  • Encoder push buttons can send commands (fully programmable)
  • 9 faders with 30mm length and programmable snap function
  • 8 Buttons with LED for switchable parameters
  • 4-digit-display to show control values and programming data
  • 14 bit high resolution encoder mode for sensitive parameters
  • Programmable value ranges with min/max values
  • Data feedback for encoders and faders avoid value jumps
  • All controls (incl. push buttons) fully programmable in the device by channel, type, number …
  • Different command types like control change (CC), pitch bend, program change, notes etc.
  • Advanced programming functions like copy, paste and group sets
    8 independent groups for encoders and faders/buttons (controlled by shift key)
  • About 264 commands per setup (33 controls x8 groups)
  • 18 setups with backup/restore function contain all controller settings
  • Very compact design in a black casing with metal faceplate
    (laser engraving, 180x105x70 mm, 350 g)
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