Faderfox PC12

Universal MIDI controller for hardware or software devices

€ 599,00
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With 72 assignable pots, and 12 assignable buttons, all fully programable directly from the unit, the Faderfox PC12 is able to control an entire studio worth of gear if you so desire. If you’re in need of a command station to control your studio or performance mothership, Faderfox’s PC12 is one of the most functionally flexible devices available.

The additional MIDI inputs and outputs (two each!) are also assignable, and a new feature to the PC12 is the ability to link the device with other Faderfox controllers such as the MX12 for even deeper levels of tactile control. The PC12 features the same MIDI learn technology that’s in other Faderfox devices to easily assign and set up your workstation, and the new snapshot feature which allows you to quickly send snapshots of all your settings directly to other devices (think momentary presets/resets!). Built in the same enclosure as Elektron’s MK I devices, the PC12 is a perfect companion for the RYTM, and even comes preloaded with custom scripts to provide control over almost every parameter. The enclosure being identical to Elektron’s means that any deck savers / accessories or stands will immediately work with the PC12.

Features :

  • Universal MIDI controller for hardware or software devices
  • Pre-installed control scripts for Ableton Live 8/9
  • Completely programable & customizable
  • USB MIDI class compliant device
  • Link functionality to expand with other Faderfox models
  • Quick Pot Assign function learns incoming MIDI commands for easy setup
  • Memory backup/restore via MIDI SysEx
  • iPad compatible (with camera connection kit)
  • Same enclosure size as Elektron first gen units
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