E-RM Multiclock USB

Tight MIDI-Clock generator.

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The Multiclock USB is a multi-format solution for audio synchronisation. It takes your DAW's audio clock an derives an ultra precise and almost jitter-free clock from it. The clock is emitted at the four outputs, each of which can be separately shifted and can have it's own shuffle setting. Each channel can generate MIDI Clock, DIN-Sync, an analog clock and an analog LFO is possible as well.

The Multiclock receives it's timing information from the audio track of your DAW, using the supplied Plug-in you have to install on your computer. The incoming audio signals are converted by the Multiclock into stable clock and sent to the four channels' outputs.
Besides this it is possible to sync the machine to incoming MIDI Clock, DIN Sync or analog clock from your modular system and it can be used as a standalone master clock generator as well. The optional USB board supplied with this version of the Multiclock makes it possible to sync the machine to USB MIDI and to send the converted MIDI Clock via the USB MIDI socket as well!

The Multiclock's tempo range is 30 to 300 BPM.

For adapting the output clock to the receiving unit and it's latencies each channel's timing can be shifted up to ±250ms. Shuffle allows for selecting an own groove for each channel.

Features :

  • 1x Audio-Sync input
  • 1x MIDI/DIN Sync/Modular Clock input
  • 4x MIDI/DIN Sync/Modular Clock output
  • 1x LFO output (0-5V)
  • 1x socket for external power supply (9V-15V DC)
  • USB-MIDI socket (4x input, 1x output)
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