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Erica Synths Dual FX

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Erica Synths Dual FX
€ 298,99

Dual FX module for your eurorack.

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Dual FX combines two Spin FV-1 chips in one module, each filled with eight custom effect programs. Thanks to the streamlined user interface, altering algorithms on the fly and crossfading between processed and unprocessed audio material is child’s play. The module’s CV channels can be assigned to various parameters. The effects repertoire of the Dual FX has been specially tailored to drum sounds.

Dual FX comes equipped with two independent FV-1 chips. – The same components that are used in the Pico DSP and Black Hole DSP modules. Eight effect algorithms are available per chip, each of which can be edited in two parameters. Additionally, there are analog wet / dry knobs plus select and save buttons. One audio input and two outputs (L / R) are available per effect channel. Thus, in addition to mono algorithms, there are stereo programs as well. For modulations, a CV input was implemented for each FV-1 chip. It can be coupled with any parameter.


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