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Erica Synths Black Multi

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Erica Synths Black Multi
€ 89,00

Highly accurate active buffered 2x1to3 or 1to6 multiple

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Erica Synths Black Multi is highly accurate active buffered 2x1to3 or 1to6 multiple that will work for signal splitting in any circuit, including driving several VCOs in tune from one CV source. “Octave” or +-1V offset switches on both channels allow to add or subtract one volt form each channel thus transposing VCOs one octave up or down. Hidden feature - custom offset - allows to set user defined offset on the first channel.

Features :

  • 2 x 1 signal to 3 or 1 signal to 6
  • Octave or +-1V offset switches
  • Custom offset on the first channel
  • 4hp
  • 25mm
  • Current Draw : +25mA / 25mA

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