Dreadbox Utopia

CV/Audio Manipulator module for Eurorack systems

€ 99,00
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CV is an integral part of the modular process. When patching you can utilise CV outputs to control a range of different aspects - these include slowly changing an LFO rate or manipulating the timbre input of a VCO. Having even more control over these foundational signals means you can fully manipulate your outputs to your desire. Allowing you to create even more complex modular music. This module features four attenuverters - which allow you to lower and even invert signals. There is also a four to three mixer which can be sent to a buffered splitter. Voltage Controlled LFOs can be set to have a massive range of 30 seconds cycle up to 440Hz.

Features :

  • CV Audio Manipulator
  • 4x Attenuinverters
  • Offset Generator (+/- 10V)
  • 4 to 3 Mixer (it can also work as a buffered splitter)
  • Voltage Controlled LFO with range from 30sec up to 440Hz
  • Pulserizer effect (will distort and convert signals into a square wave)
  • 10hp
  • 35mm deep

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