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Dreadbox Nostalgia

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Dreadbox Nostalgia
€ 89,00

3 Stage Delay module for Eurorack systems

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The Dreadbox Nostalgia 3 Stage Delay is ideal for a range of modular music styles, from ambient to acid house. This 10HP module fits snugly in your system and has enough CV control to keep even the most avid patcher satisfied.

Features :

  • 3 Stage Hybrid Delay based on the Erebus’s Circuit
  • Consisted of 3 echo circuits in series
  • Outputs for stage 1 and 2 (output level is 1/2 lower than the incoming signal)
  • 2 different Feedback controls for different stages
  • LFO with range
  • Voltage Controlled Delay Time with a range from 30ms up to one second
  • Separate input for modular level signals
  • And separate input for signals up to guitar levels
  • 10hp
  • 35mm deep



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