Dreadbox Hypnosis

Multi-effect processor with three independent effects.

€ 439,00
Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)
Studio Gear, Effects

Hypnosis is Dreadbox first multi effect and we are extremely excited about the final result! Our love for analog effects and the 80s nostalgia forced us to develop this little box, in which you can plug your synths, guitar or even a mic and have a dreamy and out of this (cruel) world sound.

Features :

  • Time Effects Processor with 3 Independent Effects
  • Analog Spring Reverb with a 3-Spring Tank and a Unique Pitch Modulation Circuit
  • Stereo Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO Waves
  • Stereo Digital Delay with 3 Delay Types and Freeze Function
  • Variable Input and Output Gain Controls (from MIC to Eurorack Levels)
  • Preset Memory up to 49 Presets
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