Dreadbox Dystopia

Noise/Crush/Filter module for Eurorack systems

€ 89,00
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Modular System, Filters, VCOs

The Dystopia is ideal for complex patches where sound can be used to thicken the sound or filter out frequencies. It features a noise generator which can provide white, white to pink, white to blue, scatter, digital, pitch types of noise. The digital noise is brilliant as it can be used as a random gate generator. The bit crusher stage can range from one second up to 8kHz - meaning you can obtain really thick distortions - ideal for a range of styles of music. You can reference all the signals through the four LEDs too - which help you determine the level at which the module is pumping out the noise sources.

Features :

  • Noise Generator (white, white to pink, white to blue, scatter, digital, pitch)
  • Bit Crusher with range from 1sec up to 8kHz
  • Digital Noise can also be used as a Random Gate Generator
  • Dual Filter (parallel) 12dB Low Pass and High Pass Filter
  • When you insert a signal to the External In, the Internal Noise generator is cancelled and the External Signal is in process
  • LED indicator for all controls to illustrate the current CV Sum
  • 10hp
  • 35mm deep

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