Dreadbox Ataxia

Dual Modulator module with 3 different model for Eurorack systems

€ 89,00
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The Ataxia module is part of Dreadbox's incredible Chromatic module range. These modules form an excellent starting point for your Eurorack synthesizer. Ataxia operates as the modulation stage of the synthesizer. It consists of a dual modulation with three different modes - these are as follows, a rise-hold-fall function generator, a delay-rise-fall-LFO, and an ADSR envelope.

This means you have a range of different functions through which you can control your Eurorack signal. The small-sized dials are as comfortable as larger dials and the sliders have a tactile response to them. It works with modules outside of the Chromatic series too - helping you build and expand on your Eurorack system.

Features :

  • Dual Modulator with 3 different modes
  • Rise-Hold-Fall Function Generator
  • Delay-Rise-Fall-LFO
  • ADSR envelope
  • Variable Curve Response
  • Separate Trigger Input
  • Voltage Controlled over Time and Level (velocity)
  • Time Response from 1ms/curve up to 20sec/curve
  • 10hp
  • 35mm deep

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