The need for useful information and solutions for your challenges is hard to find in the internet jungle.
Buying products on websites is easy these days.
Just browse and click is the way how most people buy their products these days.

But what if you want to know if the product you would like to buy is the right product for your needs ?

That is where we step in... We sell solutions!


We have over 20 years of experience in selling solutions for all your needs and challenges.
We have real specialists among our side, people from the field, with years of experience in producing and playing music to make sure that you buy, is the product you need.

We have a balanced product catalog that is also used by our product specialists them selves, and so they know from experience what they are selling.


If its not good enough, we don't sell it !

Have fun shopping, and please do not hesitate to come over to our Brick & Morter Showroom and meet the pro's in person.


The Midi Amsterdam Team