Beat Bars FS3

Programmable and configurable MIDI Footswitch.

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Take full control over multiple tracks and loops.

This will be your essential tool for triggering effects in VST plug-ins, stompboxes in Amp Simulators, and for switching entire programs and sound sets.

FS3 has a strong, compact, aluminum design which will meet all your key requirements – from switching effects on and off to controlling all their settings.

Includes DIN and USB-MIDI sockets.

Forget about adjusting settings, focus on what matters the most on stage and in the studio.

FS3 is perfect for home and studio recording, and also includes special features for live performances.

The solid and lightweight housing made of the best grade aluminum, combined with a modern electronic construction ensures that the FS3 will meet the requirements of the most demanding gigs.
FS3 is a programmable footswitch tailored to all needs related to MIDI control.

Made for guitarists, keyboard players, DJs, and for anyone who needs to control hardware and software – or both! Have ready settings wherever and whenever you need them.

FS3 is perfect for controlling states and parameters in DAWs or loop recording programs when you just want to play without having to use your mouse or touchpad.

You can completely reconfigure entire sets of VST plug-ins at the push of a button, start/stop backing tracks, and even synchronize the tempo.

This footswitch provides instant plug-and-play connectivity.
Power it from your computer via the USB port or via a standard USB adapter*. No batteries are required.

A solid, classic, aluminum construction.

What does all this mean?

Spend less time on configuring settings and more on being creative.

Functions (configurable by the software):

  • MIDI Channel
  • MIDI Message Type
    ◦ Control Change (CC)
    ◦ Program Change
    ◦ Note On
    ◦ System Real-Time (Clock, Start, Stop, Continue)
  • Toggle Mode:
    ◦ On/Off (2 configurable MIDI values)
    ◦ Impulse (1 configurable MIDI value)
    ◦ Toggle Controller/Program number
    ◦ Up/down Controller/Program number
    ◦ Toggle Note number
    ◦ Start/Stop | Continue/Stop
    ◦ Tap Tempo (MIDI clock)
  • MIDI Output Range
  • MIDI parameter value (depends on MIDI Message type, e.g. CC #)
  • Button modes: Toggle / Momentary
  • Factory Reset

Technical Specification :

  • Output
    ◦ MIDI USB-B socket
    ◦ MIDI DIN (5V)
  • Included Accessories: 3m USB standard A/B-type male cable, for connection to any USB port on your computer
  • Power Source: USB bus
  • Power Consumption: ~40mA @ 5V
  • Data Transmission
    ◦ Class-compliant MIDI over USB
    ◦ MIDI DIN
  • Weight: 323 g
  • Dimensions: 151 × 104 × 53 mm
  • Material: aluminium design
  • Colour: slategrey
  • Buttons: 2, with status LEDs
  • The adapter is compatible with Windows PC, Linux and Mac computers as well as with iPad Pro (3rd generation) tablets and musical instruments with 5-pin DIN sockets
    *power supply is not included

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