Beat Bars EX3

Programmable and configurable MIDI Expression Pedal.

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The easiest way to control your music software with your feet.
An autonomous MIDI expression pedal for sending CC events (e.g. Volume or Modulation), Pitch Bend or Aftertouch.

More possibilities. Still user-friendly.
Easily control your DAW via MIDI.
Trigger and modify effects using your expression pedal.

Focus on your music, forget about adjusting settings manually.
A classic, durable, strong aluminum design.
With DIN and USB-MIDI sockets.

The best controller for live performances.
Make a real difference by streamlining your creative process.

Now you can make your ideas come to life even faster.
Unparalleled flexibility when using MIDI and working with a DAW.

EX3 converts your foot’s movement into a stream of MIDI messages, making it an essential tool for controlling thousands of VST plug-ins.

The pedal provides extensive configuration options for controlling parameters in DAWs and virtual instruments.

As a keyboard player, you can modulate any sound parameter. For guitarists, it makes controlling effects such as a wah-wah or pitchshifter much more comfortable.

If you are a DJ, it can replace a knob or slider which you will be able to control with your foot, thus freeing your hands.

A great tool for setting the tempo and syncing.

EX3 provides instant plug-and-play connectivity.
Power it from your computer via the USB port or via a standard USB adapter*. No batteries are required.

Get the most out of your equipment by not having to use your hands.
EX3 is more versatile than most expression pedals.

In addition, it has a beautiful, durable, aluminium design.

Functions (configurable by the software):

  • MIDI Channel
  • MIDI Message Type
    ◦ Control Change (CC)
    ◦ Pitch Bend Change
    ◦ Polyphonic Key Pressure (Aftertouch)
    ◦ Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
    ◦ Timing Clock (Tempo)
  • MIDI Output Range
  • MIDI parameter value (depends on MIDI Message type, e.g. CC #)
  • Reversed Mode
  • Pedal Calibration
  • Factory Reset

Technical Specification :

  • Output
    ◦ MIDI USB-B socket
    ◦ MIDI DIN (5V)
  • Included Accessories
    ◦ 3m USB standard A/B-type male cable, for connection to any USB port on your computer
    ◦ Allen key (for adjusting the resistance of the pedal)
  • Power Source: USB bus
  • Power Consumption: ~40mA @ 5V
  • Data Transmission
    ◦ Class-compliant MIDI over USB
    ◦ MIDI DIN
  • Weight: 628 g
  • Dimensions: 210 × 98 × 63 mm (8.3″ × 3.9″ × 2.5″)
  • Material: aluminium design
  • Colour: black
  • The adapter is compatible with Windows PC, Linux and Mac computers as well as with iPad Pro (3rd generation) tablets and musical instruments with 5-pin DIN sockets
    *power supply is not included
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