After Later Audio bOSC

CEM3340 Based Oscillator eurorack module.

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Modular System, LFOs, VCOs

A triangle core oscillator that is based on the same CEM3340 chipset used in legendary synths (SH-101, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).

Offers a wide frequency range from 80s cycles up to 40kHz.

Features :

  • Four waveform outputs (TRI, SAW, PULSE, SINE)

  • V/OCT tracking over 5+ octaves

  • Linear FM with attenuator

  • Choice of hard sync or soft sync (set via jumper on back)

  • PWM attenuator and input (normalled to 5V)

  • LFO/VCO switch will change from audio rate to LFO rate (choice of two LFO timings, 8 sec or 80 sec, via jumper on the back)
  • Current Draw : 15 mA +12V / 15 mA -12V
  • Red stripe orientation DOES NOT matter on bOSC. Either way will work!
  • Deep : 25mm
  • 6hp
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