ACL VC Dual Amp

High quality dual linear VCA with mixing function.

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Modular System, VCAs, Mixers

In the category "dual multi-mode filter with normalizations and common control of both cutoffs" ACL present a State Variable filter with 12dB slope, individual outputs, variable filter routing as well as the variable notch balance known from the Oberheim SEM, blending over from low pass over notch to high pass.

The two filters have the same layout: each has an audio input with level control. Cutoff and resonance are set both manually and with CVs; the CV inputs feature polarizers for setting modulation intensity, For filter tracking there's an input which tracks approximately 1V/o

Audiophile Circuits League VC Dual Amp contains two fully discrete voltage controllable amplifiers with linear characteristic. It is based on a new circuit design which delivers unheard clarity of sound. To this day there is no other VCA using this special technique!

The module offers a very low harmonic distortion in the whole linear gain range, no crossoverdistortion and no overshoots nor ringing. Furthermore it has a very high dynamic range which provides a lot of headroom. The VCAs will amplify the input signal very accurately and it will sound crystal clear, without any coloration, distortion or bleed.

Each channel has a Gain potentiometer for manually setting the VCA's initial gain and a control voltage input which is equipped with an attenuverter for scaling the modulation. Thanks to normalized signal and CV inputs, both VCAs can be used in conjunction. - Great for processing stereo material. Furthermore, you can create voltage controlled panning effects and crossfades in next to no time. Beside the two individual audio outputs from each VCA, there is a Sum-output which provides the mix of the output of both VCAs and of the signal coming from the Aux-input. This additional input has no level control and is mixed at unity gain. Thus three different signals can be mixed together.

The amplifiers are also suitable for processing control voltages thanks to a completely DC-coupled signal path. Behind its simple appearance, this module shines with its functionality and sound quality!

Featrures :

  • Current Draw :
  • Deep : 22mm
  • 10hp
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