Quadrature sinewave LFO featuring voltage control of frequency/

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The QLFO is a quadrature sinewave LFO featuring voltage control of frequency. Due to a wider range of frequency and a 1V/octave input it can be used as a sinewave oscillator as well.

The AQA Elektrix Qudrature LFO's rate is determined by the Rate potentiometer and the three position switch (slow, mid, fast). Two CV inputs allow for external control - one has a fixed characteristic of one volt per octave and the other is equipped with a polarizer for setting modulation intensity and polarity.
Four sine waves are available simultaneously, each is 90° phase shifted. To be correct you have to say a sine, a cosine and their inverted counterparts are generated.

Features :

  • Rate-CV-input
  • 1V/Oct-CV-input
  • SIN-output (0°)
  • COSIN-output (90°)
  • INV/SIN-output (180°)
  • INV/COSIN-output (270°)
  • Power : 28 mA +12V - 28 mA -12V
  • 22mm deep
  • 8hp
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