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About Midi Amsterdam

Are you ready for taking your songs to the next level?

We have more than 20 years of experience and are passionate about making and playing music. We know and understand all aspects of Studio Recording Equipment, DJ Gear and Modular Synthesizers and are experts for setting up, modify and maintain home / sound recording and commercial recording studio's.

We don't simply sell products, we sell solutions and it matters to our customers whether you are an professional, amateur or aspiring artist. Our unique approach is rather simple. We take the time to understand our clients. We listen. We work together to find the right solution to answer your questions.

We offer an extensive product catalog of the best of the best musical instruments and related music equipment and accessories available in Recording Studio Equipment, DJ Gear, Eurorack Modules, Modular Accessories, Analogue Synthesizer modules, Synthesizers, Synth modules, Cables, Cases, Stands, Sequencers, Drum Machines, Controllers, Software, DAW's, Mixers, Compressors, EQ's, Monitors, Microphones, Headphones and Accoustics.


Have fun shopping, and please do not hesitate to come over to our Brick & Morter Showroom and meet the team.


The Midi Amsterdam Team