Ableton Live 11 Intro Download

Fast and fluid music creation and performance software.

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Ableton Live 11 Intro serves as the perfect introduction to the world of music production and digital live performances. With a whole host of new features, sounds and instruments, Ableton Live 11 Intro allows you to capture inspiration when it strikes. Thanks to cutting-edge new tools you can now comp and record, allowing you to piece together multiple recordings to create the perfect take.

Record, arrange, edit, mix and master your music with ease using the powerful tools on offer within Ableton Live 11 Intro. Not only is it great for the studio, but it also has a range of performance features you can use on stage. One such new feature is 'Tempo Following' allowing Live to listen to incoming audio and adjust the project tempo in real-time. It's jam-packed with genre-defying sounds and a useful tool to create, compose, record and perform.

This version includes over 5 GB of sounds, 4 software instruments and 21 audio effects. Whether you're producing your next song or arranging audio for live performances, Ableton Live 11 Intro will give you everything you need to create music history.

Features :

  • Record and comp multiple tracks for the perfect take
  • Create, produce, record and perform music
  • Over 5 GB of sound content with cutting-edge instruments
  • New workflow enhancements and live performance tools
  • In-depth MPE controller mapping for maximum expression
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