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Universal Audio Apollo Twin solo

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Universal Audio Apollo Twin solo

Normale prijs: € 694,00

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The Apollo Twin Solo is a desktop audio interface for Mac that is truly class leading in some of its features.

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With the same preamps, conversion and digitally controlled monitor section as the Apollo Quad & 16, theUniversal Audio Apollo Twin Duo packs all the raw power of its big brothers into a more compact format. 

The Apollo Twin Duo is a desktop audio interface for Mac that is truly class leading in some of its features.  It connects via Thunderbolt, giving a very fast and stable line to your computer.  With two mic/line inputs on combo connections and 4 line outputs on ¼” TRS balanced jacks at the rear, as well as a front mounted instrument input and headphone output, the Apollo Twin Duo is ready for anything you can throw at it, whether at home or on the road. 

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo is beautifully presented with its extruded aluminium faceplate, large level knob and LED display for mic input and level information.  The level knob doubles as a button to select input and output channels as well as control gain.  There are also dedicated buttons to select monitor channels (master and headphones) and mic input channels to enable the knob to control their gain.

The rear of the Apollo Twin Duo has an optical connection for ADAT and SPDIF functions.  One of the features Universal Audio are most proud of is the inclusion of Unison microphone preamp technology, which allows for modelling of transformer and tube based microphones, all processed via a UAD plugin.  According to UA, the Unison technology in the Apollo Twin Duo "unlocks the authentic tone of the most sought-after tube and solid state mic preamps - including their all-important impedance, gain stage 'sweet spots,' and component-level circuit behaviours."  The unit also comes with the Realtime Analog Classics bundle so you can get modelling straight out of the box!

Features :

  • Desktop audio interface with all the power and quality of the Apollo Quad and Apollo 16
  • Thunderbolt connection
  • Class leading audio specifications
  • Two mic/line inputs on rear via combo connections
  • Four line outputs on rear via ¼” TRS jacks
  • Instrument input on front via ¼” TRS jack
  • Headphone output on front via ¼” TRS jack
  • Large level knob, doubles as button for selecting channel
  • Two dedicated buttons for monitor selection and microphone input select
  • Optical connection at rear for ADAT and SPDIF functions
  • Unison preamp technology for transformer and tube based microphone modelling
  • Dual SHARC processors
  • Includes Realtime Analog Classics UAD bundle
  • Mac only




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