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Tiptop Audio Mantis Eurorack 208HP Case Orange

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Tiptop Audio Mantis Eurorack 208HP Case Orange

Normale prijs: € 425,00

Special Price € 409,00

Fully powered 208HP low cost Eurorack

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Mantis is a fully powered 208HP low cost Eurorack case. The idea behind Mantis is same as the Happy Ending Kit: give users an easy path into modular for cheap so they can have a taste of this awesome instrument. As we all know, once they are in, they are in, therefore a good case is the foundation of our industry. 

Mantis took years and a great deal of money to develop in order to achieve all its goals. It is large yet weighs only 3kg/6.5lb, it is cheap, yet beautiful, simple, durable and ergonomic making it easy to carry around, it opens up to 3 different positions, uses Z-Rails and comes with a massive Zeus power supply to help users avoid current consumption calculations and noise and safe operation using keyed power connector to prevent reverse power; just drop in modules and start making music. Mantis also includes a SyncBus connector to allow multiple sequencer and other timing modules to be tightly synced across multiple cases using one parallel data comunication cable.

The body of the Mantis is light gray but legs come in various colors:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange

In the box are:

1 x Mantis case (Please select color when ordering) 
1 x 3000mA Universal Power Adapter
1 x AC Power Cord (Please select type when ordering USA/EU/UK)
1 x Basic User Guide


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