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Rane MP2015

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Rane MP2015
€ 3.390,00

Rane MP2015

The MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer is a professional, no nonsense music-mixing instrument.

Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish this techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems

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Rane MP2015

The MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer is a professional, no nonsense music-mixing instrument.

Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish this techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems

The MP2015 is designed for playback of High-Resolution Audio (HRA) 24-bit studio master quality sources. Its sonic performance is sure to satisfy even the most stringent of vinyl purists, while the dynamics are perfect for DJs preferring the uncompromised sound of WAV and FLAC files. This ensures that all types of DJs, no matter what their medium preferences are, are sure to be happy with this remarkable mixer.

Firstly, the MP2015 is strikingly solid and beautiful from the first glance- from the laser-etched Rane-logo wooden side panels, to the classic spun-aluminium knob caps. The MP2015 sports a compact size and shape with all controls selected, designed and located for effortless professional performance. It is portable and easy to travel with.

The professional, high-end sound quality dwells solely within the audio signal converters. The MP2015 uses premium performance Audio 4 Pro delta-sigma modulator converters by AKM. These converters match the highest sound quality standards of modern recording studios. These balanced differential audio input converters deliver 116dB dynamic range and allow for excellent phase response. The 24-bit audio converters have the same 116dB have the same dynamic range and sport AKM’s propriety 24-bit digital filter for better sound quality, achieving low distortion characteristics and a wide dynamic range. The differential outputs eliminate the need for AC coupling capacitors, further increasing performance. The input and output converters support sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz. Overall Digital/ USB in to Line out, or Line in to Digital/ USB out dynamic range is 116 dB (A-weighted), while Line input to Line output dynamic range is a brilliant 113 dB (A-weighted) with vanishingly low THD+N of 0.0009%.

One unique trait of the MP2015 is the Submix channel. This channel provides the ability to group any number of inputs for easy multi-source mixing through one channel. Each of the four input channels and the Submix channel feature a unique 3-position toggle-selector-switch enabling the choice between LP (low-pass), HP (high-pass) or L-H (low-pass, high-pass combo). All of which have a steep 24 dB/octave slopes and are sweep-able. The single Resonance (Q) knob controls the shape of all Input and Submix filters. This ranging from flat (Q=0.707) to max peaking (Q=12). These filters are high-resolution, fast and artefact-free, with all coefficients accurately calculated for the selected sample rate.

All input channels and the Submix channel have exceptional 3-band tone controls with selectable crossover points of 150 Hz/6.0 kHz or 300 Hz/ 3.0 kHz. These crossover points are selected in the user control panel when connected to a computer via USB. As with the Filters section, the Tone control filters are extremely accurate, high-resolution, fast and artefact-free, with all coefficients accurately calculated for the selected sample rate.

The propriety 3-band output Isolator is a steep 24dB/ octave phase- compensated Linkwitz-Riley design with continuously adjustable low-mid and high-mid crossover points. As with the Tone controls, these filters are extremely accurate, high resolution and artefact-free, with every filter coefficients accurately calculated for the selected sample rate. The adjustable crossovers allow the user to match the isolator to the music being played.

The MP2015 is tough and road-ready. The all-steel chassis is fabricated in Seattle, WA, USA, by the same people and using the same equipment that is used to make Boeing Airplanes. The thick cold-rolled steel is electroplated with an aluminium-zinc alloy that makes the chassis rugged as well as rust-proof. – The MP2015 is made to last.

The circuit board also plays a massive part in any music control centre’s performance. The MP2015 uses FR4 material compliant with IPC4101/24 specifications. This is a heavy glass-resin material with 89 layers of gold-plated copper traces connecting the components.

The Phono- CD (or any line-level source) analogue input stages feature gold RCA connectors which are true studio-quality preamps, providing a transient overvoltage protection against ESD. The circuitry provides low noise, high-gain bandwidth. And low harmonic distortion, fast slew rate and a high output current. A zero-distortion relay selects between CD and Phono operation.

All Analogue source input stages have gold RCA connectors with buffered circuitry that provides EMI, RFI and transient overvoltage protection, whilst the unbalanced analogue outputs have gold RCA connectors along with line-driving circuitry with EMI, RFI, ESD protection and on/off transient noise muting transistors.

The superior microphone preamplifier is a high-performance current-feedback instrumentation design manufactured by a world leader in pro audio analogue circuitry. Transient overvoltage is protected along with a selectable 48V phantom power.

The stereo headphone amps use a unique Maxim Integrated DirectDrive architecture that eliminates the need for large DC-blocking capacitors.

All digital computations are done by a Texas instruments 32-bit floating point digital signal processor running at 44.1 kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz.

All S/PDIF transceivers are Texas Instruments pro audio devices with exceptional receiver sample rate converters.

The USB ports are 100% class compliant, allowing hook-up to any Mac OSx device without additional drivers.

The included high-performance ASIO driver runs most Windows DAW and DJ software

MIDI end points are class compliant with both OSx and WINDOWs devices.

To end, different music genres often require different filter and EQ configurations to properly deal with song content. The MP2015 allows performers to adjust Filters, EQs and the isolator to suit their needs. Channel, Submix and isolator filters can be stacked for truly amazing manipulation of musical elements.

Features :

  • Each PH/CD input can be switched to phono level, CD deck level, or S/PDIF with 128 dB dynamic range. An AUX input from RCA jacks can be assigned to any input channels
  • Two USB ports can connect two computers, each supporting 10 playback and 14 record channels. Play stereo tracks into input channels 1-4
  • The Main Mix has a 16-segment stereo meter, XLR main outputs with a level control and TRS booth outputs and level controls
  • The session output goes to S/PDIF and RCA outputs
  • Mic input switches for line-level, mic level and 48V phantom power
  • Cue any input channels or submix with the CUE switch
  • Unique Submix feature allows grouping any number of inputs for easy multi-source mixing
  • USB connection ASIO driver included
  • Sweep-able Low-pass, Low/High pass or High-pass 24dB per octave filter
  • 3-band +6dB to full-cut 12 dB per octave tone filters on each channel and the Submix
  • Each input channel selects USB-A, USB-B, PH/CD (1-4) or a stereo line AUX
  • The isolator EQ on the main mix has a powerful 3-band +10dB to full-cut 24dB per octave filter with full-adjustable crossover points



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