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Detroit Underground DU-SEQ

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Detroit Underground DU-SEQ
€ 535,00

Analog pulsing sequencer

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DU-SEQ is an analog pulsing sequencer with a highly intuitive interface. The 1V/octave pitch signal path is fully analog, and the gate signal is generated entirely from discrete 7400-series logic (no microcontroller) clocked directly from a built-in clock with tempo and gate width settings, or an external clock/gate signal.

Each of the up to eight steps has a two-octave pitch range and can be assigned to pulse or count up to eight times using one of six gating patterns -- including two external gate pattern inputs -- allowing for a huge diversity of musical possibilities.

Other features include CV control of step direction, CV selection of the next step, slew rate limiter assignable per step, and a half-clock button and CV input. Fuzz the direction input with noise to generate a glitch in the sequence on tempo.

The sequencer can be synchronized to an external clock but a clock generator with clock output is integrated as well. The gate lenght of the clock pulses is determines with the Gate Time potentiometer.
When a gate is present at the 1/2 CLK input or the according button is pressed the sequencer will run in half speed. DIR/ADD has a dual function - in Direction mode a high gate makes the sequencer run backwards. In Addressing mode you can addrss the steps with a control voltage. The Stage Count rotary adjusts sets the length of the sequence, from one to eight steps.

The CV for each step is set with the faders which have a range of two Volts, i.e. two octaves. The LEDs visualize the gating.

Behaviour for each step is set with the bottom section:
The Slew buttons activate a glide fro mthe prevoius to the selected step.
The white controller selects the gating behavoiur. From top to bottom there are following six options:

Exernal Gate 1: reads out the upper EXT GATE input.
Exernal Gate 2: reads out the bottom EXT GATE input.
long gate: one single long gate is played.
multiple gate: a number of shoerter gates is played and thus the step is repeated up to eight times. The black control sets number of repetitions.
single gate: this one is as long as determined by the Gate Time control.
no gate: at this step no gate is emitted but a CV still will be.

Features :

  • 3U Eurorack module
  • 30HP wide
  • 35mm deep
  • current draw: 8mA at +12V, 8mA at -12V and 110mA at +5V

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