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Allen & Heath Xone:K2

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Allen & Heath Xone:K2
€ 309,00

Universal DJ Controller with X:LINK

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The Xone:K2 is a Universal DJ Controller, perfect for use with all leading DJ Software and can even be used for VJ and lighting control applications.

The Xone K2 features 52 physical controls with analogue, endless rotary encoders, linear faders and backlit performance switches offering in total 171 midi control commands accross 3 layers. The controller is fully mapable, simply customise the K2 to suit you style.

In addition to its MIDI controls the Xone K2 also offers Latching Layers enabling one physical control to operate up to three virtual parameters, a studio grade four channel audio interface and is supplied with a case that also doubles as a stand.

The Xone:K2 also utilises Allen & Heath's X-link protocol enabling connection of two units, for both power and data as well as connection to both the DB2, DB4 and PX5

Features :

  • 52 Hardware Controls
  • Up to 171 Midi control commands
  • Customisable Latching Layers
  • Four Channel 48kHz audio interface
  • USB Bus powered
  • X:Link protocol integration

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