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Allen & Heath Xone:62

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Allen & Heath Xone:62
€ 850,00

6 channel dj mixer.

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The Xone:62 is a purebred club mixer which has truly raised the bar in terms of club audio quality. It's also quickly become the mixer of choice for many of the worlds greatest DJs, thanks to its pristine sound, its phenomenal VCF filters and its creative 4 band EQ. Club owners if you want to know how good your big-money speaker system could sound, try it with an Allen & Heath Xone:62.

Features :

  • 6 Dual Stereo Channels with various options
  • Balanced Stereo Mix Outputs with mix signal displayed on 12 segment 3 colour bar meters
  • Stereo Auxiliary Send which can be individually switched pre or post fade
  • 4 Band EQ with creative controls
  • VCA Penny & Giles Cross Fader
  • Voltage Controlled Filters with choice of High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass or multiples
  • Engineer / DJs Toolbox
  • PSU, high performance internal switched-mode power supply
  • Extra send configuration options like aux sends to pre-EQ

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