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AAS Chromaphone 2

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AAS Chromaphone 2
€ 179,00

Creative Percussion Synthesizer plugin

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Chromaphone uses acoustic resonators to create drums, percussion, mallet, string, and other unique instruments.
They get sparked into life by a mallet and a flexible noise generator. Chromaphone 2 is packed with more than 650 presets from the best sound designers. Instruments span from warm and mellow pitched percussions for melodies to punchy one-shots and kits for rhythm tracks.
Twisted, they generate unique textures and soundscapes that will move any film score.
Whether real, other-wordly, or with an ethnic touch, Chromaphone will fill your music with rich and organic tones.

Chromaphone 2 ships with premium performance features: unison, vibrato, and a complete set of MIDI features. And for even more action, Chromaphone provides a user programmable pattern arpeggiator and shortcuts to the high quality effects.
Modeling based synthesis gives you access to all source and resonator parameters.
Customize instruments to perfectly fit your project or follow your inspiration and build entirely new ones for really creative and innovative sound design.

Features :

  • Acoustic Object Synthesizer
  • Arpeggiator
  • Host tempo synchronization for effects and modulations
  • Compressor, equalizer, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, wah wah and notch filters
  • Reverb
  • Limiter
  • Presets load in a flash
  • Factory library including over 600 production-ready sounds
  • NKS Support since v2.0.3



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